Win an Elite Trainer Box - Pokémon League Constructed

Win an Elite Trainer Box - Pokémon League Constructed

Earn prizes by defeating your opponnent in a Pokémon battle.

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What is Pokémon League Constructed Event for Pokémon TCG?

Build your deck using any of the cards from your own collection. Limitless combinations allow you to freely express your own playstyle and strategies.

What do you need for Pokémon TCG?

  • Bring your own deck
  • Knowledge on how the games work
  • English knowledge due to cards are in English
  • Fill in a Deck List 

What are the deck rules?

  • A exactly 60-card draw deck with at least 1 basic Pokémon
  • Each unique card can be a maximum of 4 times in your deck (excluding Energy Cards)

How does Constructed work for Pokémon Trading Card Game?

We play 3 rounds of max 50 minutes with your card deck, single elimination. That means in 50 minutes you will play 1 match until it ends. That match determines the outcome of that round. The game can also end in a draw. After three rounds is the awards ceremony!

What can you win?

By participating you get 1 booster.  

Winner of the tournament gets 1 booster. The prize gets bigger the more players join.
At 5+ Players they get a Checklane Blister, instead of 1 Booster Pack.
At 10+ players they get a Pokémon Tin, instead of a Checklane Blister
At 15+ players they receive an Elite Trainer Box, instead of a Pokémon Tin.