Sell your LEGO

Complete new or used sets are determined. We buy LEGO at about €5 euro per kilogram. After we buy used lego, we wash it, sanitize it and let it dry. After drying we sort it out into a category where we do a first quality check. Once a category has cummulated enough we sort it out and upload it our store.
Convert to store credit and you get an additional 10%.

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A huge pile of LEGO forming a colourfull columns of rainbow
A lot of Pokémon cards like Pikachu, Vaporeon, Mankey, Seal, Tentacool, Magnamite, Chansey and many more

Sell your Cards

Currently we only accept English cards in near mint condition. Depending on rarity and age prices can be negotiated. But these are our standard rates:
- Commons & Uncommons: €17,00/1000
- Reverse (Un)common: € 0,03
- Rare: € 0,03
- Holo/Reverse rare: € 0,05
- Coins: € 0,10
- Pins: € 0,15
- Oversize Promos: € 0,25
- Figures: € 0,35
- V, EX, GX, TG, ...: € 0,30
- V-Star, V-MAX, Full Arts: € 1,10

Convert to store credit and you get an additional 10%. 

Please provide us with a list. They can be shipped or brought into the store.

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Grade your Cards

We are currently working out our monthly grading services. We hope to launch this in Q4 2024. Come back later.

Coming Soon

Four stacks of graded Pokémon cards featuring Charizard, Weepingbell, Alakazam and Gardevoir
Two persons shaking hands concluding that they have an understanding and agreement

Sell on Commission

Do you want to sell your LEGO sets or Graded Cards on commission? We ask 10% commission on the sold price and an entry fee of 15 euro if the item is not sold after 3 months.

We will guide you towards pricing your item and we will offer it online and through our physical store for 3 months.

Please provide us with details and description of the items you would like to offer.

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