Win a Booster for each Participating Player - Star Wars: Unlimited Constructed Premier
Registrations will open on August 03, 2024, at 4:00 PM (Europe/Brussels time)

Win a Booster for each Participating Player - Star Wars: Unlimited Constructed Premier

Test out your deck against an opponent

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What is a Premier Play Event for Star Wars: Unlimited?

Build your deck using any of the cards from your own collection. Limitless combinations allow you to freely express your own playstyle and strategies. Premier is the primary format of Competitive-tier Organized Play events.

What do you need for Star Wars: Unlimited Premier Play?

  • Bring your own deck
  • Knowledge on how the games work
  • English knowledge due to cards are in English

What are the deck rules?

  • Exactly 1 leader and exactly 1 base
  • A minimum 50-card draw deck
  • A sideboard of up to 10 cards (Note: leaders and bases cannot be included in the
  • All cards must be from sets designated as “Premier-legal,” which currently is any officially-released set. 
  • Between the draw deck and sideboard, there can be no more than three (3) copies of any card. For this purpose, a “copy” is any card that shares a title and subtitle with another card, regardless if they have different art, foiling, or graphic design elements  

How does Premier Play work for Star Wars: Unlimited?

The primary format of Star Wars: Unlimited, Premier is a constructed format that truly embodies the “unlimited” nature of the game by allowing you to build a deck using any of the cards in your collection. This means that you’ll be able to truly express yourself by crafting a deck that perfectly fits your preferred playstyle and strategies.

The Premier format operates under the following rules:

Your deck must consist of exactly one leader, exactly one base, and a minimum 50-card draw deck. You can also have a sideboard of up to 10 non-leader, non-base cards.  

Your draw deck cannot include more than three copies of any one card.  

The winner of a Premier match is determined by best-of-three games in a 55-minute round.

What can you win?

By participating you get 1 booster + 1 weekly booster. 
Winner of the tournament gets 1 booster for each participating player. The prize gets bigger the more players join.
For example:
At 5 Player count they get 5 boosters.
At 10 Player count they get 10 boosters.
At 15 Player count they get 15 boosters.