Pokémon TCG Learn To Play + Trade Moment
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Pokémon TCG Learn To Play + Trade Moment

Get to know the wonderful world of Pokémon TCG!

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Eager to learn how to Play Pokémon Trading Card Game?

We will help you out by explaining the game to you and get your set up for your first match. Due note that cards are in English and explanation can be done in English and Dutch.

Entrance fee is 5 euro per person but you will get this into a store credit to spend on which ever you want.

What do you need?
- Optional: bring or buy a (starting) deck, if not we will provide you with one.
- Knowledge of English due to English cards

How does this work?
We will explain you the game and go through the cards you have. We will help you set-up your game and go through the first few rounds together. During your game we are available if you have any questions. During the learn to play we also provide trading area, where players can exchange cards.

Only participation in trading?
You don't need to register or pay!