Pokémon Prerelease Event - Scarlet & Violet: Stellar Crown
Registrations will open on August 04, 2024, at 6:00 PM (Europe/Brussels time)

Pokémon Prerelease Event - Scarlet & Violet: Stellar Crown

Earn prizes by defeating your opponnent in a Pokémon battle.

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What is Pokémon Prerelease Event for Pokémon TCG?

A nice way to discover the latest Pokémon Set in advance of the release.

What do you need for Pokémon TCG?

  • Knowledge on how the games work
  • English knowledge due to cards are in English

How does a Prerelease event work for Pokémon Trading Card Game?

At the start of the event, you will receive a pre-release pack. This containing a ready-made 40-card deck including one of four beautiful foil promo cards and four booster packs. With all these cards, you will make a Pokémon deck together and compete against other Pokémon trainers. Should you run out of energy cards, you can borrow them from the shop. An official Pokémon professor will be present during the prerelease to help you with all your questions about the Pokémon cards, building your deck and all your other Pokémon questions. 

What can you win?

By participating you get 3 booster packs and you can keep your opened pre-release pack.