Disney Lorcana Limited Draft Event
Registrations will open on August 04, 2024, at 7:00 AM (Europe/Brussels time)

Disney Lorcana Limited Draft Event

Suprise yourself in the world of Disney Lorcana with a 4 booster pack draft of the latest set

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What is a Limited Draft Event for Disney Lorcana?

All players in a draft event start on a level playing field. Every draft event is different, since the available cards will be random each time. Each player will receive and open 4 booster packs.

Draft play involves you drafting individual cards out of a limited pool of booster packs and then building your deck as you go. The main advantage of draft play is that everyone starts off on equal footing and must build their decks using whatever cards they get at the start of the event.  

What do you need for Disney Lorcana Limited Draft?

  • No need to bring your own deck, since all deckbuilding happens on the spot.
  • Knowledge on how the games work
  • English knowledge due to cards are in English

How does Limited Draft work for Disney Lorcana?

For the booster craft, you do not need to bring your own cards. Before the event begins, you will receive four booster packs of Ursula's Return. Together with all the other drafters at the table, you open the boosters and take one card each. You pass the remaining cards to the player to your left. You do this until all the cards have been drafted. With the second booster, you pass the cards to the right instead of the left and so on until all the booster packs are used up. In your deck, you may combine all six colors and there is no limit to how many times you may play a card in your deck. Say you draft Elsa, Snow Queen five times, then you may play her five times in your deck. When you are ready, you make a deck of at least 40 cards. Then it's time to play!

We play 3 rounds of 50 minutes, best of three. That means in 50 minutes you play a maximum of three games or until one player wins twice. The game can also end in a draw. After three rounds is the awards ceremony!

What can you win?

The cards you drafted, you can of course keep as part of participation. The winner of the tournament gets an additional booster.